Chilly Attitude

The tree is up, the gifts unwrapped

 Energy’s gone, I’ve been zapped.

Decided to Google a word I don’t know

When there I see an alert about snow.

Actually it was more about cold

Only December and it’s  already old.

Finally decided to turn up the heat

Cause my legs were freezing, even my feet.

Another day accomplishing nothing

Just cleaning and doing some washing.

I think I have the winter blahs

Not even thinking of Mr. Claus.

Nope, not a thing cheers me tonight

I’m just a sad sack, what a sight.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Just checking to see if you nodded off here.

My mind’s in a quandary how to lift my mood

I could always write a poem that is lewd…

No, that would be very rude.

Think I have a bad attitude.

124 thoughts on “Chilly Attitude

  1. There was a young lady from Ealing
    Who had a peculiar feeling

    Vikings came from Israel. They are descendants of the tribe of Dan.
    Dan shall judge his people
    as one of the tribes of Israel.
    17Dan shall be a serpent in the way,
    a viper by the path,
    that bites the horse’s heels
    so that his rider falls backward. ~ Genesis 49:17

    The tribe of Dan, became the “sea-people”, that plagued Egypt. They spread out, the main tribe became Scythians. The Scythians eventually moved west and north. Inhabiting the Alps. The mountains in the centre of Europe. The mountains are their mountain fastnet From They have a tendency to have their name foremost liked to place names. Like the country we call Jordan. … the river from the land of Dan.

    Sardinia or Sardania. Danmark or Denmark. Even the river Danube. The people of Ireland are called the Tuatha Danaan. They use the symbol associated with David. The Harp. From the Black Sea, all the major rivers of Europe are accessed. Prior to roads, rivers were the routes. The Vikings, came to dominate trade, throughout Europe. Silk, Spices, Slaves. Were their main commodities. Vikings would blind their slaves, to prevent runaways. Much of history about these and other people is not the whole picture.

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    1. There was a young lady from Ealing
      Who had a peculiar feeling
      She lay on back
      Opened her crack and pissed all over the ceiling … ba boom
      Yeah, I tried not to write the whole thing out but gosh darn it snuck out anyways … Cheers Jamie

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    1. do a search for ‘junk boat’ or ‘junk ship’ wiki even has a listing so it’s true πŸ™‚

      Although I always thought they were Japanese but Google says Chinese so I’ll go along with that.

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    2. When you’re a LOT older you’ll know what it’s like to think of a word but not the exact word, so try to find it. Very frustrating. Happened today, I wanted to buy jumper cables for my grandson and could picture them, but couldn’t think of the words to type in to search. I call it a brainfreeze, either that or I’m going over the hill. It comes to me but not at that moment I need it.

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    3. You think I don’t know that at my age? I’ve been writing for nearly 20 years I always loose words, or worse think a word exists when it doesn’t.
      As for forgetting the names of things, you just ain’t alone, you might have higher numbers next to your name than I do but my memory is terrible, it’s part of the reason my wife wants to kill me every other day of the week, she hates living with someone with a bad memory and depression.

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    4. Yeah it can feel like that, and it can feel like that from both sides but at least you accept it’s an issue. The first step is getting the suffered to admit it exists, the second and often harder step is getting their loved ones to accept it and not try and pass it off as some sort of behavioural issue.

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    5. Every one feels different and everyone goes through it differently but it can be horrific. I spent years in the truck by myself, then I spent years almost shut away unable to communicate with those around me in any real capacity. I felt it was horrific but those around me felt completely different.

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    6. I felt secluded in a house of people and family so close and it was ripping me apart but I felt I couldn’t fix it. Where as my wife either didn’t want to accept it was happening or acccept why it was happening and therefore thought I was doing it deliberately because I’m an idiot.

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    7. That was part of it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hold anything against her, it took me a long time before I realised there was a problem. There may have been times where I was annoyed with her attitude but I don’t hold it against her for having it. Depression effects a hell of a lot more than just the person who suffers it.

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    8. The thing is there is no right way to do things for every situation, there is wrong ways but every person is different and therefore the effects are reactions are different. A doctor could tell you one thing, me as a suffer could tell you another and yet another sufferer could tell you something else and we could all be wrong for your situation.

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    9. A lot easier. For myself when I’m in a depressed mood and someone asks, they really do not want to hear it. It’s like someone saying how are you as they whiz by!πŸ˜„

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    10. I watched the Bastard Executioner and was put off in the first episode by a “good guy” shoving a sword through a bad guy’s skull. Then I started looking at the story part of it and it was such a good story. Of course it was cancelled after first season.

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    11. Vikings don’t have horns πŸ˜›

      Sex on TV doesn’t worry me, or in books, I’ve written my fair share of sex scenes, some actually praised by females, but I am married I have forgotten how do it. πŸ˜›

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    12. Aaahhh but Google thinks it did answer your question and what’s more it thinks it did it correctly. On top of that your lawyers will use Google to research like cases therefore nulling your argument against them not answering questions.

      Just use Junk.

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    13. Yeah they might, although they do advertise things differently in the US. For instance they try and convince yanks that Crocodile Dundee is an iconic Aussie movie, here we are sick of seeing it because it’s on about 10 times a year.


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