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I preface this with “you know I’m a grandmother and I love movies”. I attend movies with family, either my daughter and girls, or my grandson. Superhero movies are a favorite, but just saw “Arrival” and even the 17 year old loved it. I recommend it. Having a granddaughter who idolizes Benedict Cumberbatch, “Dr. Strange” was a must see for the girls. Even the ten year old liked it. The effects amazing, need to watch it again. I was surprised at how well BC fit into this role.
As far as the little ones go, we saw “Zootopia” a while ago, and I cannot say enough good things about it. When it came out in March, the message of the movie was spot on. If you need a gift for any age who likes movies, this is it. “The Secret Life of Pets” was well liked by the little ones, but as an adult, I found it uninteresting and long in parts.  
A (true story) “Deepwater Horizon” is very good, but must be seen in a theater. Accompanied by two teenage boys, we all felt drained after this action packed movie. “Girl on a Train” I was looking forward to, since another granddaughter read the book in one night and loved it. I didn’t like it at all, thought the first half was confusing. I feel it was not worth the money, and could easily be seen on DVD.
These are only my opinions, and hope they’ll be taken as such. As ever, my writing means no offense to anyone, except maybe T, oh-oh, did I just write that? My bad.


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    1. It was profoundly moving. Two people deeply in love, committed to one another. All they wanted was to live peacefully near their family. I admire their courage and simple perseverance. πŸ˜‰ xoM

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  1. You seem like a big movie buff and we love good movies at Gastradamus. Thanks you for sharing your reviews. Will have to check out Zootopia. Would really like your feedback on our new short story called Queen Kong and I. Let us know what you think

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