Response to Daily Prompt: Second thoughts

Turning on the radio, an old song was playing. My grandson who plays the drums would probably like this, on second thought…..maybe not. We send each other YouTube videos of old and young drummers. He is currently in the high school marching band, in the pit, as they call it. 

My nephew teaches drums and is in a band in New England. He started when John Bonham was most popular. I love the drums, and do not need any accompanying music to enjoy them. Being totally uncoordinated, I am fascinated by the dexterity and concentration it takes to play them. The album below and a couple other drum records I used to play when I needed inspiration to do any kind of work, especially house cleaning.

On a side note, whenever my kids came home from school and I had Neil Diamond singing “Traveling Salvation Show”, they would groan. When they first heard the (pick up the babies, grab the old ladies) part, they thought it was funny, being able to sing along. Later, not so funny because it became the “cleaning” song. Music is motivating, whether it is in a romantic, nostalgic, melancholy, rousing, inspirational, or relaxed setting. From Gershwin to John Phillip Sousa, to Sam Smith, all completely different, but I enjoy them all.

I really like most drum music. The latest movie I watched involving drums was “Whiplash”, starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. I liked the movie, but JKS’s character was so intimidating, some parts were hard to watch. The movie gives some insight on what it takes to compete with success. The drum scenes, especially the final one, are spectacular.

14 thoughts on “Response to Daily Prompt: Second thoughts

  1. I always wanted to be a heavy metal drummer but even as a kid I didn’t have the stamina to do a full gig so I ended up singing. (poorly)

    I love Brother Loves Travelling Salvation Show (as well as many other ND songs) Hot August Night is still one of my favourite albums.

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    1. I love the intro to Hot August Night. Crunchy Granola Suite is a classic. His last few albums have been really good too. I was surprised when he announced Rick Rubin as producer a few years back but Rick got something out of Neil that few others have,

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    2. On a smaller scale, I bought tickets on a whim, to see Fantastic Negrito in Denver, last month. Couldn’t find a ride and can’t drive myself since my legs are not working. So, couldn’t go. Second time I missed him in person. Bummer!!☺️ He is a soul, blues singer. YouTube has his convenience store concert which is the first time I saw him.

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    3. I used to go to heaps of gigs, then I met the wife and that number dropped, then we had kids and there isn’t even a number now. I used to get free tickets to a lot of shows but I also paid for a lot, it was about all I was interested in.


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